I love this place. I take my toddler daughter there every few weeks and even though she is an active child, she gets so relaxed in the egg that she usually sleeps through our sessions. Isbe has helped with my daughter's tummy issues, her teething discomfort and a constant runny nose. Liza and Jackie are lovely caretakers for Isbe, we always have a wonderful time.

Xchel G.

Experiencing the harmonic egg is something I've never felt before, while In the egg I loved all the gentle sounds and tones of the soft music, the music feels almost as if it moves through you allowing yourself to feel safe and open to your emotions. I also enjoyed all the beautiful colors that helped guide my mind into meditation. After exiting the egg my body felt as if it was vibrating, I felt completely relaxed and not anxious witch is something I struggle with. I needed more! After each session I felt better and better with my anxiety, almost like the egg was drawing me back in. I looked forward to my sessions and talking with the owners of the egg who were also incredible people, full of knowledge and bliss. I appreciated them as they walked me through the process and shared their testimonies with me as well. I highly recommend giving the Isbe Harmonic Egg a try and allowing your mind and body be feel free and experience something new.

Teleia S.

When Was in San Antonio my friend and I went to this amazing experience! My panic attacks disappeared and I felt finally back to myself! Thank you, Lilian!


The egg was an amazing experience, I've done a couple of sessions and each time has been different but always so pleasant!! Weather I meditated on it or fell asleep because its so relaxing I always came out feeling refreshed and Zen. Also Jackie and Liza are both such warm hosts and made me feel super comfortable.

Talia Z.

Awesome place for A much needed time and wind down and meditate! Highly recommend, mega likes \o/

Trinidad G.